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By Jean-Baptiste CALO

Multi-Millionaire and Vanuatu diplomat Pascal Vuan Saken told the Vanuatu Times in an exclusive interview in Brussels last week, that he will not be suing the Vanuatu government for  having illegally detained the yacht Phocea for 10 months.

"I’m happy the Phocea saga has come to an end. That painful chapter of my life is now over, I would like to forgive and forget. The justice system in Vanuatu finally cleared my name and the Phocea from all those speculations. The Vanuatu government has finally released it and I can only say that I’m satisfied. Ten months of detention of the Phocea was really something terrible for the boat. The yacht is now in the ship yard in New Caledonia and it is currently undergoing full repair."

"I’m happy that the current government released the yacht, my name and the Phocea’s name has been cleared by the court of justice in Vanuatu. I’m satisfied, I want to forgive and I want to forget the Phocea saga. And I have no intention, for the moment, to sue the Vanuatu government", Mr. Saken told the Times.

"I will continue to assist the Vanuatu diplomatic missions abroad. Vanuatu was my friend, Vanuatu is my friend, and Vanuatu will continue to be my friend", Mr. Pascal Vuan Saken concluded.

Mr. Saken made the statement during an exclusive interview with the Vanuatu Times in Brussels, Belgium last week.

On one of Pascal Saken's megayachts

After being a victim of a massive controversial media saga and speculation in Vanuatu and in the region which deliberately accused Mr. Saken and the yacht Phocea of fraud, arms trafficking and other serious allegations, the Supreme Court of Vanuatu has finally handed down its verdict and cleared the Multimillionaire’s name and his vessel of all those speculations.

Newspapers in Vanuatu and in France have retracted articles containing allegations on Mr. Vuan Saken and the Phocea.

Pascal Saken on board of one of his megayachts

Mr. Saken was even labeled at one time by the local and regional media as a fugitive and a criminal wanted by the international police organization, INTERPOL.

Interpol had to issue an official statement to clarify those serious speculations and certify that Mr. Pascal Vuan Saken was "not wanted" as reported in the media.

Even a local newspaper and a French popular daily Newspaper, "Le Monde", wrote to Mr. Saken to retract articles written against Mr. Saken and the Phocea.

The Vanuatu Times is in possession of the copies of the Interpol sealed official statement and letters of articles addressed to Mr. Saken from of a local newspaper and the French daily News "Le Monde".

It has become obvious after carrying out our investigation on the said Phocea saga, that Mr. Pascal Vuan Anh Saken was framed by some influential people in the country for some financial reasons.

It has also become obvious that many people in high places, including public offices, have taken the opportunity to obtain money from the very people who allegedly framed Mr. Saken, and even from Mr. Pascal Anh Vuan Saken himself, during the period of 10 months when the Phocea was detained in Port Vila by the local authorities.

Below you can see some documentation clarifying this matter:

Interview with Pascal Saken
After the illegal detention of the yacht Phocea in the bay of Port Vila, Vanuatu's Supreme Court ruled that the maritime authorities of the country had no valid reason to retain the right.

Special Envoy of FM 107, Jean-Baptiste
Calo, had the opportunity to meet Mr. Saken in Brussels, Belgium, when he was covering the ACP Council of Ministers and has interviewed him about the Phocea saga, which is finally over, and its intentions in this regard.

Mr. Pascal Saken on the microphone with Mr. Jean-Baptiste Calo (in French language)


Après la détention illégale du yacht Phocéa dans la baie de Port-Vila, la Cour Suprême du Vanuatu a ordonné que les autorités maritimes du pays n'avaient aucune raison valable de retenir le raison.

L'envoyé spécial de la FM 107, Jean-Baptiste CALO a eu l'occasion de rencontrer M. Saken à Bruxelles en Belgique alors qu'il faisait la couverture du  Conseil des Ministres des ACP et il l'a interviewé à propos de la saga du Phocéa qui est finalement terminé et ses intentions à ce sujet.

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