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Pascal Saken is an international businessman and investor from Vanuatu. He is the founder of the Billionaire Yacht Club, which combines all the top features of luxury yachting and clubbing for the international jet-set, and also founded Luxury Cruiseline Co., Ltd.

Businessman and investor Pascal Saken

Interior of one of Pascal Saken's yachts

The shipyard "Tango" in Buenos Aires, Argentina is also co-owned by Mr. Saken.

Pascal Vu Anh Quan Saken also owns Yartmarine Co., Ltd., which specializes in the development of shipyards for the maintenance and renovation of luxury yachts in Asia.

On July 05, 2013 Pascal Vu Anh Quan Saken was awarded the prestigious Rubin World Traveller Award by the German daily newspaper Berliner Tageszeitung in Brussels, Belgium. This award is one of the highest awards in tourism and is being given to outstanding operators in this area.

Pascal Saken has also a large and longstanding experience in the financial world of Asia. His manifold projects include, besides ones related to luxury sea travel, the import/export trade of raw materials and the exploitation of large-scale farms. He also has been a honorary consul for Vanuatu.

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